March 28, 2020 100k RUSA POP & 200k ACP 

Route Description:   Point LookOut 200k is a historic route and it will take you to Confederate Memorial Park. The memorial park was constructed by the Point Lookout Descendant’s Organization to honor those who were imprisoned and who died at Point Lookout during the Civil War.  The route goes through out Saint Mary's county in southern Maryland. You will visit Point Lookout Lighthouse at turn around point at Point Look out park.

Registration:  It is open now.

Both Rides Start & End: Waldorf  MD

100k event: Starts 8am on Saturday, March 28.
Event Fee: $0 + $5 RUSA Insurance                                                                                     200k Event : Starts 7am on Saturday, March 28.                                                             Event  Fee: $15 + $5 RUSA Insurance

Event fee include: Snask at start, lunch at Point look out park & dinner at the end. 

Refund Policy: No refund after registration deadline.

Payment:  Pay with

200k Rider Check-in: 6:30am

100k Rider Check-in: 7:30am 

100k Route: RWGPS  Cue Sheet:  Will be posted

200k Route: RWGPS  Cue Sheet:  Will be posted
Safety Requirements: Required if you are riding in dark: head(s) & tail lights + reflective vest & ankles. 

All the information in this page can be changed without notice.

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March 28 Events Regsitartion