Here is the summary of our 2019 events:

  • Most of the events has been designed to inspire PBP year.
  • No day of the ride registration.
  • Registration ends 48 hours prior the event date. (Except as noted for 600k & 1000k)
  • Registration fee is refundable minus $10 admin fee (Except as noted for 600k & 1000k).
  • Every control is manned control. (Except info controls and 600k, 1000k events)

Event fee includes:

  • Some breakfast items before the start.
  • Some drinks (Water, juices, Gatorade & so on) at every intermediate manned control.
  • Some food items (Energy bars, cookies, fruits and so on) at every intermediate manned control.
  • Riders will receive lunch in one of the intermediate manned control somewhere in midpoint of the route .
  • End of the ride foods & drinks.

You have a chance to tell us what you like to eat &/or drink during the registration & we do our best to make it happen but please be reasonable :-)

August 3 & 4 “Last Chance PBP training week-end”  you can register for one or both of this week-end rides.

Events dates, locations & fees (Read above for what is included to the event fee)

All starting times are Eastern Standard Time. 

Cue-sheets will be posted after pre-ride.
03/30 7am 200 km, King George, VA RWGPS Fee:$25 it will end mid-night March 28.
04/13 5am 300 km, Middletown, VA
RWGPS  Fee:$40   it will end mid-night April 11.
05/04 4am 400 km, Leesburg VA
RWGPS Fee: $50 it will end mid-night May 2nd.
06/01 4am 600 km, Middletown VA
RWGPS or RWGPSit will end mid-night May 30. 
(Including 2 nights hotel, before the ride and during the ride, drop bags, dinner at over night control & at the end & more Fee: $150) more details to come.
06/20 1000 km, Leesburg VA
RWGPS   event page Fee: $350
08/03 300 km, Harrisonburg VA
08/04 200 km, Harrisonburg VA

If you wish to pre-ride or volunteer, please contact us at