August 3 & 4 last minute PBP training event

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Registration:It is open until Thursday August 1st at mid-night for both rides.

Both Rides Start & End: Comfort Suites Leesburg VA

300k event: Starts 4am on Saturday, August 3 2019; 20 hours time limit.
Fee: $30                                                                                                                                           200k Event : Starts 7am on Sunday, August 4 2019; 13.5 Hours                                             Registration Fee: $20

Refund Policy: No refund after registration deadline.

Payment:  Pay with
300k Rider Check-in: 3:30-4am on Saturday August 3rd.

200k Rider Check-in: 6:30-7am on Sunday August 4th. 

300k Route:  Cue Sheet:  Madison-300              200k Route:  Cue Sheet:  Waynesboro-200
Safety Requirements: Required if you are riding in dark: head(s) & tail lights + reflective vest & ankles. 

All the information in this page can be changed without notice.

Photos from our previous events