Event Info
Our mission:  To create a high quality & memorable event with great support,  top rated overnight hotel, no frozen or canned food, Shab will cook on spot.

Event Date: Starts on Thursday June 20, 2019 promptly at 4:00am and ends on Sunday June 23 at 7am. (75-hour time limits)
Event start/end location: Comfort Suites, Leesburg VA http://www.comfortsuitesleesburg.com
80 prosperity Ave, Leesburg, VA, 20175 Phone: (703) 669-1650
Registration: Currently; it is closed but call us for potential last minute opening.
How to register: It is closed. (No day-of registration)
Registration priority: first come, first serve and the following criteria;

  • You have completed the registration form online.
  • You have paid& we have received the event entry fee in full.

You will receive an email that you are in the confirmed riders list when the criteria above have been met.
Entry Fee: $350 & it will cover (At this moment) :

  • Two overnights in Hampton Inn Harrisonburg, VA (double-occupancy hotel room)
  • One drop bag of  maximum 30 pound.
  • Breakfast on June 20 between 2:30am to 3:30am.
  • Foods & drinks at Overnight control for 2 nights.
  • Post-ride foods & drinks*.
  • A 1000k ACP medal.
  • A souvenir gift.

Other Services that you may receive: (These services are not guaranteed & it will be based on our best effort with no extra charge to you)

  • Some support at intermediate controls.
  • Bicycle mechanical support at overnight control. 
  • Some basic bicycle parts like standard 700C tires, tubes & chain lube  only at overnight control.
  • A Windows based laptop; only to reload your GPS files, in case of last minute changes ; otherwise bring one with you if you want.
  • Shower at the end for those with no hotel rooms when they finish. (You may bring your own towel)

*Post ride services are only available after 5pm on Saturday June 22 till 7am Sunday June 23.

Otherwise riders are responsible for their own food, lodging, transportation, and other incidentals.
Payment Methods: PayPal will be method of payment; You may use your bank account or credit card using PayPal. You will see this link https://www.paypal.me/NorthernVA  after your submit your registration form.                                           
Refund policy: if we receive your withdraw notice by

  • March 01, your payment, minus $25 administration fee.
  • April  01, %75 refund of your total payment.
  • May 01, %50 refund of your total payment.
  • No Refund after May 1st.
  • Your payment, minus $25 administration fee if You find some to take your spot up to June 01.

Hotel for before/after the event: Riders are responsible for their own hotel arrangements at the hotel in Leesburg VA for before/after the event. For riders conveniences; we have arranged special rates for blocks of rooms for the night before on June 19 and for ride finish on June 22.

  • There is a block of 10 rooms of 2 Queen beds, and 5 rooms of 1 king bed at Comfort Suites, Leesburg VA for check in on Wednesday 06/19 and checkout Thursday 06/20. Rate is $119 + Tax.  To make reservations please call (703) 669-1650 and refer to the “SHENANDOAH 1000”. This rate is valid until 5/19/2019 only.
  • There is a block of 15 rooms at Red Roof Inn, Leesburg VA (next door to the Comfort Suites) for check in on Saturday 06/22 and checkout Sunday 6/23. This is for Non-Smoking, Standard 2 Queen beds for $101.15 + Tax.  To make reservations please call 703-777-6622 or 800-733-7663 and refer to the Block Code: B637SH0622 to book a reservation from the “SHENANDOAH 1000” block. This rate is valid until 5/22/2019 only.

If you are parking your car at the Leesburg Comfort Suites or Red Roof Inn, please park at the back. Make sure to tell the hotel that you are parking until Sunday and give them your car info.

Storage: For bike cases or extra luggage, we are working with the host hotel so you may leave them there during the event. We have more info on this later.

Transportation: If you are flying, then closest airport to the event start hotel (Comfort Suites) is Dulles airport (IAD) and normally they provide airport shuttle services from/to the Dulles airport (IAD); please call them for more info (703) 669-1650. For other airports in the area like BWI or Reagan/National, you may contact us if you have any questions. 

Ride Qualifications: (You may qualify for this event from one of the following criteria listed below)  Qualifying events can be ACP, RUSA, LRM or permanents. 

  • One event of at least 600 km or longer in 2017 or 2018.
  • One event of at least 300 km or longer in 2019. 
  • If you cannot qualify under option 1 or 2 above then you may contact ride organizers and request to be considered under special permission to participate.

Rider qualification must be completed & verified on or before June 01, 2019. Let us know if you will be qualified after this date.

It is the rider's responsibility to qualify for the event and submit their results to the ride organizers by June 01, 2019. Failure to qualify is not a basis for a refund larger than those described in the Refund Policy.

Rider limit: Thirty (30) riders.  If the rider limit reached then:

  •  We will try to get more rooms at overnight hotel first, if we can’t then
  • A waiting list will be created based on the first come, first serve.  Riders on the waiting list should pay in full while in the waiting list. While on waiting list; rider may request for full refund or we will refund your full entry fee by May 01 2019 if we cannot put you on the confirmed rider list by that date.

Foods: We do our best to accommodate all type of diets; vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean and meat lovers and yes, Shab is planning to cook fresh on spot her famous Basmati Rice. Some of the items in the menu that we are thinking are pasta (with/without meat), soup, salads (potato, Tuna, macaroni), sandwiches, Chili, Pizza, fresh fruit & so on. (If you have any allergy, please check before eating any foods)

Drop Bag(s): One drop bag of up to maximum 30 pound will be transported from the Leesburg ride start hotel to the overnight hotel at Harrisonburg, VA.  Drop bags are available from 5pm on June 20th. Drop bag should be back in Leesburg, VA by Saturday evening June 22. (Please do not pack liquid or large items like wheels)

We only accept your drop bag on Thursday June 20th between 3am to 3:45 am outside of the main lobby door of the start hotel.  There should be a car where you can drop your drop bag.


  1. Cue-Sheet (Word) (Excel) (PDF)

Intermediate Checkpoints/Controls open/close time:  a lot of riders favorite subject; Riders should respect the controls open/close time but if you missed a control time and you think that you can recover by the next control or by overall time limit of 75 hours then you should keep biking. (Your safety & well being is our utmost important goal so “Don't put yourself into unnecessary danger & jeopardy”) 

Riders Progress:

  • Riders in/out time @ two overnight & end controls. (This is based on Internet connectivity)
  •  We may have a Spotwalla link at https://spotwalla.com  (you may need to add your tracking device to the Spotwalla website, more info later)

Route Services: We are working hard to design a route where it provides services at good intervals for riders but always plan to carry enough food & drink with you.

Safety & Night riding Requirements:

  • Helmets, reflective vest & ankles band are mandatory.
  • Your bike must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be turned on at all times during hours of darkness or other low-light conditions (rain, fog, etc.). At least one of the rear lights must be in a steady (rather than flashing) mode. All riders' lights must meet the requirements of local laws. A rider is not permitted to cycle at night or in other low-light conditions without working front and rear lights attached to the vehicle; therefore backup lighting systems and/or spare bulbs are strongly recommended in case the primary system fails and cannot be repaired on the roadside. Each rider, whether riding in a group or alone, must fully comply with this requirement. Everyone must use their lights!

Riders Rules & responsibility: you may find them here https://rusa.org/pages/rulesForRiders  please make yourself familiar with these rules; even if you are not RUSA member.

Bike inspection: there will be a bike inspection outside of the start hotel main lobby on

  • Wednesday June 19 from 4pm to 6pm and from 8pm to 9pm (dinner from 6 to 8)
  • Thursday June 20th between 3am to 3:45am

We will check your Helmet, reflective vest & ankles band during the bike inspection; please be ready to show them. Here more info on reflective

Your overall bike should be in a very good condition for riding a 1000k event. We highly recommend at least installing brand new tires/tubes, chain and braking pads/disk or make sure that they are in a very good condition.

Riders Check-in: it will be during the same time as bike inspection as noted above where the riders can pick up their rider packet (Brevet card, cue-sheet & so on) at the lobby of the start hotel after

  • They pass the bike inspection.
  • Sign the waiver.  You may find a copy of the waiver here. Please read the waiver carefully.

Late arrival: If you arrive after 3:45 am on Thursday June 20th then you may have to wait until ride starts at 4am for bike inspection & check-in. Start control will be closed at 5am.

Volunteers: no ride is successful without tireless effort of volunteers. We welcome you if you wish to be a volunteer for this event.
As a volunteer you get the following benefits:

  • A souvenir gift.
  • Mileage for driving your car during the event.
  • Foods & drinks during overnight control.
  • Sleep accommodation during overnight control in Harrisonburg.
  • Guaranteed fun & laughter.

In return, we ask you to bring your smile, enthusiasm & great energy.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested to volunteer, please contact Shab
shab@shabcomputing.com or 561-843-4775.

How do we communicate event info/news*:

Please note that we do not setup or officially communicate from any social media; including Facebook & so on.

*If we have to reach an individual; we may directly contact you via email, text or call.

How to contact us:  by sending email to info@cyclingforever.com ; calling Hamid 561-843-3770 or Shab 561-843-4775 or fill up a form at http://www.cyclingforever.com/norther-va-1000-km.html

A sample of 1000 km ACP Brevet controls open/close time are provided here for your amusement.
Checkpoint         Date           Time
==========       ====            ====
    0mi                start: 06/20  04:00 (Start - control)
                           close: 06/20  05:00
  255mi             open: 06/20  16:28 (1st overnight)
                          close: 06/21  07:20
  450mi             open: 06/21  03:14 (2nd overnight)
                          close: 06/22  06:51
  629mi            open: 06/21  13:05 (Finish - control) 
                         close: 06/23  07:00

If you still have questions or concerns then please ask.

Your event organizers
Hamid & Shab Akbarian

    Northern VA Randonneurs; June 20, 2019 "SHENANDOAH 1000k"

Contact Ride Organizer if you are interested to register.

Interested Riders

Registered  Riders

  1. Akbarian,  Hamid
  2. Claussnitzer, Mario
  3. DeMarco, Mimo
  4. Dembinski, Jan Peter
  5. Galdames, Anni
  6. Keenan, Greg
  7. Keller, Eric
  8. Lippincott, Jeff
  9. Mayr, Rudi
  10. McDonald, Dave
  11. Nadeau, Jay
  12. Olsen, William
  13. Panzak, Bob
  14. Rich, Robert
  15. Schoenfelder, Steven
  16. Smith, Kelly
  17. Tanner, Brad
  18. Trahan, Jeffery
  19. Uz, Metin
  20. van Rhede van der Kloot, Nicolass
  21. Waggoner, Gary
  22. Watts, Bill
  1. Arayata Charles J. 
  2. Aspras Jimmy
  3. Benson Barry
  4. Bernardo Marc
  5. Bondra Jim
  6. Brandt George 
  7. Buell Chet
  8. Burge Geoffrey
  9. Burke Brian
  10. Caligiuri De'Anna
  11. Cartron Damien
  12. Claussnitzer Mario 
  13. Dechter Joel
  14. Delnero Gary 
  15. DeMarco Mimo
  16. Dembinski Jan Peter
  17. Driscoll Dan
  18. Finger Jim
  19. Fischer Bill
  20. Goebel Greg 
  21. Graham Larry
  22. Hands Ian
  23. Karpick Jonathan
  24. Keenan Greg
  25. Kramer Paul
  26. Lavoie Steve
  27. Lippincott Jeff 
  28. Lucas Tim
  29. Mayr Rudi 
  30. Mazur John
  31. McDonald Dave
  32. Mullet Kathy
  33. Mullet Ron 
  34. Muoneke vincent
  35. Newcomer Robert
  36. Philips Calista
  37. Povman Michael
  38. Ray Joseph
  39. Rich Robert
  40. Rollman Gary 
  41. Rougeux Mark
  42. Russell Nancy
  43. Slocum Christopher
  44. Taylor Scott
  45. Teal Steven
  46. Thies Jacob
  47. Van Der Wiele Cynthia
  48. Wali Michael
  49. Zong Oliver