Northern Virginia Cloverleaf (NVC) Inaugural 1000/1200km;                  September 16-19, 2021

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Our mission:  To create a high quality & memorable event with great support,  top rated hotel, home made food (Shab will cook on spot), friendship & fun.

Route Description: As the name suggest; the route is cloverleaf with 4 loops that they start & end at Leesburg, VA. Day 1: you will be covering 4 states (VA, MD, PA, WV) & about 362km or 225 mile. You will go north west clockwise to WV and Leesburg.  This is beautiful route and it has been the ACP 400k of Northern VA in past. Day 2 300k: you will go south west in VA while you have Skyline drive on your right shoulder. It's out/back to Leesburg & mainly rollers. Day 3 300km: you will be traveling toward Shenandoah valley area traveling through beautiful Fort Valley Rd & climbing Edinburg Gap before turning north and returning to Leesburg. Last day 200k: route goes to south & south east VA to Quantico (FBI training field) and Potomac River before turning north back to Leesburg.

Event Date: Both 1000k/1200k Starts on Thursday September 16, 2021 promptly at 4:00am. 1200k ends on Sunday September 19 at 11pm and 1000k ends on Sunday September 19 at 7am.

Event start/during/end location: Comfort Suites, Leesburg VA
80 prosperity Ave, Leesburg, VA, 20175 Phone: (703) 669-1650

  • There are block of rooms at Comfort Suites & Red Roof Inn (next door).
  • This is for both 1000k & 1200k.
  • The Group name is "NVR1200" for both hotel when you call.
  • These blocks and rates are available until August 15 only.
  • The Block is for Check in on Sep 15 and Check out on Sep 20th. You may add more days to your reservation, please ask hotel for their availability.
  • Guests calling to make reservations for the block need to call the hotel directly, for Comfort Suites at 703-669-1650 and for Red Roof Inn at 703-777-6622.
  • Please make sure that you understand hotel cancellation policy.

Register for 1200k:  Closed   (No day-of registration)

Register for 1000k:  Closed   (No day-of registration)
Registration priority: first come, first serve and the following criteria;

  • You have completed the registration form online.
  • We have received the event fee in full.

You will receive an email that you are in the confirmed riders list when the criteria above have been met. (It may take few days before you receive the email so please be patient)

Entry Fee for both 1000k/1200k: $295 ($290 + $5 RUSA surcharge, RUSA membership is required) (lodging is not included)

Event Fee should cover (At this moment) :

  • Pre-ride Breakfast.
  • Foods & drinks during 3 overnights.
  • Post-ride Foods & drinks AKA "post ride party".
  • A custom souvenir medal for both 1000k/1200k riders. 
  • A souvenir gift.

Other Services that you may receive: (These services are not guaranteed & it will be based on our best effort with no extra charge to you)

  • Some support at intermediate controls.
  • Bicycle mechanical support at overnight control. 
  • Some basic bicycle parts like standard 700C tires, tubes & chain lube  only at overnight control. (Make sure to bring everything that you need, this is for in case of emergancy)
  • A Windows based laptop; only to reload your GPS files, in case of last minute changes ; otherwise bring your own equipment.

Riders are responsible for their own food, lodging, transportation, and other incidentals.

Payment Methods: You may use your bank account or credit card using PayPal.

Please make sure that we do receive $295 without any PayPal charages.

Refund policy: You may cancel by notifying us in writing via email.

  • June 1- June 30 full refund minus $75.
  • July 1- July 31 full refund minus $100.
  • No refund after August 1.
  • Event Cancellation - If we have to cancel the event, riders will get a full refund minus a pro rate share of expenses we can't recover or at least $25 fee or you can use your event fee as a credit to the future NVR events.

Accommodation for before/after during the event: Riders may do their own hotel/logging arrangement for before/after and during the event.

Storage: None.                                                            
Transportation: From/to Dulles Airport (IAD) Complementary Shuttle only if you stay at Comfort Suites at 703-669-1650. Please call them for Shuttle hours of operation.

Ride Qualifications: None but if you never rode more than a 300k event then please call us to make sure that you understand what you get in to. Your safety is our priority.

Rider limit for both 1000k/1200k is:  40. (as of 6/27, there are only 2 spots left)

Foods: We do our best to accommodate all type of diets like vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean and meat lovers and yes, Shab is planning to cook fresh on spot her famous Basmati Rice and many other delicious dishes. (If you have any allergies, please check before eating any foods)

Drop Bag(s): none, Route is cloverleaf.


Intermediate Checkpoints/Controls open/close time:  a lot of riders favorite subject; Riders should respect the controls open/close time but as of now; almost all of the intermediate controls will be info controls therefore they do not have any open/close time.

Riders Progress:

  • Riders in/out time @ three overnight & end controls.
  •  We may have a Spotwalla link at  (you may need to add your tracking device to the Spotwalla website, more info later)

Route Services: We are working hard to design a route where it provides services at good intervals for riders but always plan to carry enough food & drink with you.

Safety & Night riding Requirements:

  • Helmets, reflective vest & ankles band are mandatory.
  • Your bike must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be turned on at all times during hours of darkness or other low-light conditions (rain, fog, etc.). At least one of the rear lights must be in a steady (rather than flashing) mode. All riders' lights must meet the requirements of local laws. A rider is not permitted to cycle at night or in other low-light conditions without working front and rear lights attached to the vehicle; therefore backup lighting systems and/or spare bulbs are strongly recommended in case the primary system fails and cannot be repaired on the roadside. Each rider, whether riding in a group or alone, must fully comply with this requirement. Everyone must use their lights!

Riders Rules & responsibility: you may find them here  please make yourself familiar with these rules.

Bike inspection: there will be a bike inspection during the rider check-in.

We will check your Helmet, reflective vest & ankles band during the bike inspection; please be ready to show them. Here more info on reflective

Your overall bike should be in a very good condition for riding a 1000k/1200 event. We highly recommend at least installing brand new tires/tubes, chain and braking pads/disk or make sure that they are in a very good condition. Last thing, you want is mechanical issues that they could be avoided.

Riders Check-in: it will be during the same time as bike inspection as noted above where the riders can pick up their rider packet (Brevet card, cue-sheet & so on) after

Riders Briefing: There will be an important riders briefing on Wednesday Sep 15 at 5pm location TBD or Comfort Suites conference room. Please make your best effort to attend. You may miss last minute important information. There will be no pre-ride morning briefing.

Volunteers: If you are interested or know someone who is interested to volunteer, please contact Shab or Hamid .

How do we communicate event info/news:

  • Sending emails to the email address that we have from you in the file.
  • We are also updating this page regularly. 

Please note that we do not setup or officially communicate from any social media; including Facebook & so on.

*If we have to reach an individual; we may directly contact you via email, text or call.

How to contact us:  by sending email to ; calling Hamid 561-843-3770 or Shab 561-843-4775.
If you still have questions or concerns then please ask.

Your event organizers
Hamid & Shab Akbarian