Please read NVR COVID-19 Guidelines

As we navigate through this health crisis; please follow your local/state/federal authority . Think about yourself, your family & your community first. We can always bike ride but we have to be healthy & safe. NVR does not encourage going out & avoid social distancing, in fact we want you stay away from public places as much as possible. The following measures are for risk reduction & do not constitute that you are 100% safe.

Therefore; NVR is going all paperless AKA electronically for time being. This has nothing to do with EPP (Electronic proof of passage).

  • Riders MUST respect & adhere the social distancing as it requires by local and state authority.
  • We do not distribute or collect any paper work.
  • All the intermediate controls will be info controls.
  • If you even mildly feel sick or being in contact with someone who was sick, please stay home & do not come out.
  • Riders MUST sign the online waiver each time that you register for any event. 
  • Registered Riders receive a Brevet card & Cue-sheet; riders may print them as they wish.
  • With the exception of start/finish controls; All intermediate controls will be info control. I will provide more info on this before each event.
  • Info controls do not have open/close time so Riders do not need to write their time for info controls.
  • Riders do not have to collect receipts & I do not collect your receipts so please do not get receipts with fear of DNQ.
  • To the extend possible; Riders should carry their own food & drink & avoid interaction with event organizer; event staff; local merchant or anyone else all together. 

At the end; if you still feel uncomfortable or unsafe to come out then stay home & we completely support & encourage your decision.

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No membership fee for riding with Northern Virginia Randonneurs!

NVR Regsitartion Page.
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Summary of Current 2020 events, We may add more events!

  • NVR events have been designed to inspire Friendly camaraderie & Randonneuring.
  • No day of the ride registration unless you have received permission from event organizers.
  • Registration deadline normally is by noon of the day prior the event date. (Unless, otherwise stated)
  • Registration fee is not refundable after registration deadline.
  • RUSA Membership is mandatory to ride any events, please renew or join                                  

The total fee includes $5 RUSA Insurance charge that NVR has to pay to RUSA.

All RWGPS are tentative, Official day of the event RWGPS will be sent to registered riders.

If you wish to pre-ride or volunteer, please contact us at

Please note that the info on this may change without a notice.