Please read NVR COVID-19 Guidelines

As we navigate through this health crisis; please follow your local/state/federal authority . Think about yourself, your family & your community first. We can always bike ride but we have to be healthy & safe. NVR does not encourage going out & avoid social distancing, in fact we want you stay away from public places as much as possible. The following measures are for risk reduction & do not constitute that you are 100% safe.

Therefore; NVR is going all paperless AKA electronically for time being. This has nothing to do with EPP (Electronic proof of passage).

  • Riders MUST respect & adhere the social distancing as it requires by local and state authority.
  • We do not distribute or collect any paper work.
  • All the intermediate controls will be info controls.
  • If you even mildly feel sick or being in contact with someone who was sick, please stay home & do not come out.
  • Riders MUST sign the online waiver each time that you register for any event. 
  • Registered Riders receive a Brevet card & Cue-sheet; riders may print them as they wish.
  • With the exception of start/finish controls; All intermediate controls will be info control. I will provide more info on this before each event.
  • Info controls do not have open/close time so Riders do not need to write their time for info controls.
  • Riders do not have to collect receipts & I do not collect your receipts so please do not get receipts with fear of DNQ.
  • To the extend possible; Riders should carry their own food & drink & avoid interaction with event organizer; event staff; local merchant or anyone else all together. 

At the end; if you still feel uncomfortable or unsafe to come out then stay home & we completely support & encourage your decision.

No membership is required to ride with Northern Virginia Randonneurs!

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Summary of Current events, We may add more events!

  • NVR events have been designed to inspire Friendly camaraderie & Randonneuring.
  • No day of the ride registration unless you have received permission from event organizers.
  • Registration deadline normally is by noon of the day prior the event date. (Unless, otherwise stated)
  • Registration fee is not refundable after registration deadline.
  • RUSA Membership is mandatory to ride any events, please renew or join                                  

The total fee includes $5 RUSA Insurance charge that NVR has to pay to RUSA.

All RWGPS Routes are tentative until the pre-ride has been completed.

Saturday April 17, 300k & 100k
  • Rides starts/ends at Hampton Inn, Warrenton VA
  • Online Waiver:
  • Registration link for both rides: Here                                                                                                                              300K Details:
  • 300km Ride start time is from 5am to 6am ONLY and all riders will have 20 hours time limit; regardless of their start time.
  • 300k fee $25 Pay:  (Ride fee includes $5 RUSA Insurance/surcharge)
  • 300k ride fee Includes some breakfast items and food/drink (Beer Included) at the finish.
  • Route 300k: RideWithGPS  
  • Registered:  DeMarco, Heller, Adere, Claussnitzer, Georgevich, Raja, Wilderson, Wali, Potter, Blanco, Stoychev, Langford, Gross, Akbarian.                                                                                  

Saturday May 1st, 400k, 200k & 100k


Saturday May 22, 600k & 100k

Friday June 4, 1000k (Register here)

If you wish to pre-ride or volunteer, please contact us at

Please note that the info on this may change without a notice.