Northern Virginia Randonneurs (NVR) with collaboration with Tidewater Randonneurs is hosting

Treasure Cove 1000k & 1200k on May 19-22, 2022

Registration is Full at this time!

You may register and your name will be put in the waiting list.

No Payment is required while in waiting list!

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Visiting 4 states: VA, NC, WVA & MD

1200km with ~28000 feet of climbing

1000km with ~20000 feet of climbing

If you ride a 1000k or longer event during 2022 then you can be part of the first group to Pre-register for 2023 PBP.

  • Rider limit is 45 (1000k + 1200k)
  • Both 1000k/1200k start at 2am on May 19.
  • Both 1000k/1200k start/end at Sterling VA.
  • Rider fee is $450  (x2 for tandem).
  • Payment method is PayPal. Riders are responsible for any PayPal charges or fees.
  • Full application & payment put you on confirmed riders list.

You last step is to sign the online waiver. The waiver link will be sent out after April 15.

Ride fee includes
  • Three overnight hotels of double occupancy. Hotels will be either Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express or Comfort Suites.
  • Pre-ride breakfast.
  • Food/drink at 3 overnights hotel (Yes, Shab will cook her famous Persian Basmati Rice)
  • Post ride party food/drinks. 
  • A drop bag of Max 25Lb which it will be carried to each overnight by 5pm. 
  • No carry-on bag with wheels or large suitcase or bike case or bicycle wheels. (More detail will be provided on drop bag)
  • Storage room at start/finish event hotel to hold your luggage during the event only.
  • A custom medal
  • A memorable souvenir and much more.

If you DNF, it is your responsibility to get back to start. Your drop bag will return on Sunday May 22 around 4pm.

Cancellation policy & fees:

  • $50 from Nov 1 to Jan 15 or a refund of $400. 
  • $150 from Jan 15 to March 31st or refund of $300. 
  • No refund after April 1st , no exceptions. 
  • Event Cancellation - If we have to cancel the event due unforeseen circumstances, riders will get a full refund minus a pro rate share of expenses we can't recover.

-Last day of registration is April 15, 2022.

Qualification: All riders MUST have completed one of the following below by April 15: (You cannot use perms to qualify, only ACP, RUSA or RM events) Longer events can be substitute for shorter one. For foreign events, please contact us if you are not sure.

  • A full series (200, 300, 400, 600) in 2021.
  • At least three rides of (200, 300, 400) or longer in 2022.
  • Completed a 1000k or longer during 2021. 
  • Permission of the ride organizer if you don't fall in the above 3 categories.

If you are using a 2022 series to qualify, all rides MUST be completed no later than April 15. You may register & pay for the event prior to completing a 2022 series, but you will be asked to withdraw (and be subject to the cancellation policy) if you are unable to qualify.

If you need to get qualified, then you may ride your qualifying rides with Northern Virgina Randonneurs 2022 schedule.
2022/03/19 ACPB   200
2022/03/26 ACPB   300
2022/04/09 ACPB   400

Event Hotel at start & finish: Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott at Dulles Airport
We negotiated two blocks of rooms for May 17-19 and/or May 22-23.

This hotel has a free shuttle to/from IAD. These blocks are available until April 25.

For May 17-19 block use this link:
For May 22 block use this link: 

If you need to add more nights before or after, please call the hotel directly at 703-435-5300 and ask them for the rate & availability.

Arriving airport: The closest airport to start is IAD but there are two other airports BWI & DCA.

Brief description: Ride starts/ends at Northern VA. First day is pretty flat and traveling south to North Carolina. 2nd day is going north & west to South Hill VA. 3rd day goes north to Culpeper VA and last day takes you north for short travel to MD so you can earn the MD state before turning home.

This is the overall route prior to pre-ride:

Here is the tentative itinerary:
-Day 1 is 475km 9k of climbing, control closes at noon May 20.
-Day 2 is 245km 3k of climbing, control closes at 5am, May 21
-Day 3 is 280km 8k of climbing, control closes at 5am, May 22. (end of 1000km with 20k of climbing)
-Day 4 is 200km 8k of climbing, ride ends on May 22 at 20:00.

For 1000k riders, they have a choice to ride last 200k back to start as RUSA brevet.
We are also designing a shorter route ~80 miles back to start, this is TBD and it will be a RUSA Pop.

Registered Riders

  1. Andrew Adere
  2. Hamid Akbarian
  3. Jared Allen
  4. Jose Blanco
  5. Brian Burke
  6. Patrick Chin-Hong
  7. J. Andrew Clayton
  8. Paul Colmenares
  9. John Cumming
  10. John D’Elia 
  11. Nicolas DeHaan
  12. Francis DiCarlantonio 
  13. Dan Driscoll
  14. John Ellis
  15. Andrei Fluerasu
  16. Paul Foley
  17. Vlad Georgevich
  18. Larry Graham
  19. Christopher Gross 
  21. Michel Lemaire
  22. Charlie Martin
  23. Mike Misner
  24. Keith Morical
  25. John Morris
  26. Vincent  Muoneke
  27. Robert Newcomer 
  28. Thai Nguyen
  29. Frédéric  Perman 
  30. Roger Peskett
  31. Eric Peterson
  32. Dawn Piech
  33. Sakthi Raja 
  34. Joseph Ray 
  35. Bret Slater
  36. Christopher Slocum
  37. Vernon Smith 
  38. Gregory Smith 
  39. Mike Sturgill 
  40. Brad Tanner 
  41. Mark Thomas
  42. David Thompson
  43. Joseph Todd
  44. Eric Townes
  45. Corinne Warren 
  46. Chris Wilby
  47. Perry Wilderson
  48. George Winkert 
  49. Chris Wirth
  50. Pamela Wright

Waiting List

  1. Robert Beaty
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